As HVACR and electrical instructors, we know a lot about our subject but sometimes have trouble keeping the focus and interest of our visual-learning students. Refrigeration Training Services (RTS) Instructor CDs are animated PowerPoint presentations of equipment and components designed to help instructors show the subject matter in an interesting and dynamic way; which increases learning and makes teaching easier. The instructor is in full control at all times and can customize the presentation to show only what is relevant to their current lesson.

This CD is not intended to be an HVACR course. Rather, it is a teaching aid which can be used with any textbook you currently use.

RTS Instructor CDs are helping HVACR students and technicians learn better through schools, contractors, and distributorships in more than 44 states as well as Canada, Australia, Barbados, and South Korea.

Check out our Demos and see for yourself how great they are!